2007 Yearbook

Well, guys, it's been another amazing year!

2007 saw a lot of people come and go, some old members left for good while some new members came to stay. We came together to write fantasic stories and dramas with unexpected plots and all that good stuff we set out to do with a game like this. This yearbook was made with the goal of remembering some of the awesome characters we've had on board this year to help you remember this slice in time -- remember what these characters looked like, what their pack and rank was, what their most memorable thread of the year was, and of course, what sort of silly superlatives others thought suited them.

Hands up for a great year, people! 2007 was full of lots of crazy plots and drama, really annoying board moves and host moves, beautiful skins and ridiculous contests! With any luck, 2008 will be bigger, better and even more exciting. Here's to the new year! To more and cooler contests! To new and even crazier characters! To no more weird board errors and random downtime! Woo! :D